Leather Stylish Shoes

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Size chart
 CM  EU  UK Men
 24.1-24.7  38  5 - 5.5
 24.8-25.4  39 - 40  6 - 6.5
 25.5-26.0  41  7 - 7.5
 26.1-26.7  42  8
 26.8-27.4  43  8.5 - 9
 27.5-28.0  44  9.5 - 10
 28.1-28.7  45  10.5
 28.8-29.4  46  11
 29.5-30.0  47  11.5 - 12

Fresh Style

From simple, stylish looks to superior breathability, our meticulously designed leather shoes keep your feet cool and comfortable, ensuring they are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Whether it's a casual outing or a formal event, these shoes effortlessly elevate your appearance while prioritizing comfort.

Pure Comfort

Walk confidently and experience the freedom of natural movement with our leather shoes, which provide the sensation of walking in barefoot shoes while ensuring superior grip, stability, and refreshing airflow for your daily activities.

Moreover, they feature a soft pad technology that enhances your overall comfort.

Function & Utility

Our shoes are more than just fashionable; they're a practical choice for your everyday footwear needs.

Designed with functionality in mind, they boast waterproof properties to keep your feet dry, non-slip soles for added stability, and orthopedic principles that prioritize your overall comfort.

Designed for Your Comfort

Bentley R.

Purchased for my husband, he loves them. Very comfortable and stylish.


Got a problem with osteoarthritis of the ankle joint but these give me hope. Many thanks!

Billy L.

First class purchase a very positive experience. Thank You. ☘️

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